Level Logistic is your experienced partner for the reliable, punctual delivery of your trade fair and events equipment, including your exhibits, stand and promotional material. You tell us when and where in the world it needs to be, and we’ll get it there on time.

Whether you’re exhibiting works of art or large processing machines, our tailored solutions let you concentrate on your visitors and customers.

Contact us and let us take care of your logistics, and we’ll let you get on with the important business of making the right impression at the right time.


Domestic and International Exhibitions

Congress Logistics

Art-Concert and Sporting Events Logistics


International transport (air, sea, road)

Transfer of goods to the fairgrounds, unloading

the shipment, delivery to the stand.

The storage of empties and goods

Customs clearance

Lifting and positioning using specialist lifting equipment

On-site operations with own trained personnel and equipment

24/7/365 availability and experienced employees

Assistance with unpacking and repacking

Labelling, collection, storage and return of empty case