Level Logistic is one of the Turkish leading privately held freight logistics / transportation management firms. Our mission is to create a home for talent and innovation combining technology and expertise to solve complex global logistics problems and create tangible value to our esteemed customers. Our unique culture will drive excellence in all of our efforts.


Level logistic also plays a flawless role worldwide in airway, highway, seaway transportation, defense industry logistics, packaging, and customs services. We provide an independent and strong position management in the market by implementing suitable purchasing options with our worldwide agency network.

With the help of our global agency and partners, we provide our customers with developed logistic services and transport your cargoes to any point in the world. We provide solutions by making the air cargo logistic services comprehensive for your needs with the help of our world-wide agency network and developed logistic solutions. Whatever the place and delivery time of your cargo might be, we make the logistic service we provide faster and more practical for our customers so that you could conduct your business smoothly.

Our highway logistic services provide extensive solutions for all your needs. In all agency offices, experienced transporters and sales personnel that know about your market and local transportation conditions provide you service by using the logistic services we provide to offer you better opportunities in the best way. Road or railroad transportation; we are ready to offer both of them for your service. Our road logistic services make your deliveries arrive at the desired place on time and safely. 

Global capacity and demand in maritime logistic services may change in the blink of an eye and we work eagerly to provide a consistent and trustworthy logistic service that protects the integrity of your supply chain and we offer service to our customers. As Level Logistic, we offer fast and trustworthy solutions under all circumstances with our experienced and talented staff of 25+ years in logistic services. In the constantly changing and updated industry, we work to offer you the best service and enrich you.

Fairs, congresses, meetings, concerts and private exhibits about the most important subjects of international trade and economy in the field of logistic services are the most important transportation and service methods that require private logistic services for customers. Level Logistic aims to provide a superior service to its customers with an expert and experienced staff of 25+ years in any area and subject including fair and exhibit organizations, stand manufacturers, participating firms and operational handling.

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Level Logistic is a global logistic services firm which is specialized in the areas of transportation, delivery and logistics.  Our customers’ logistic services, needs and strategic desires are at the center of everything we do. In an increasingly unpredictable, variable, complex and contradictory world, we simplify the logistic services for our customers and meet their needs immediately.

Our main focus in logistic services is Air, Road, Maritime, Project, Full, Partial and Intermodal transportations as well as artwork logistics, aviation and defense industry logistics, private transport, packaging and customs services. Level Logistic provides fast, effective and quick judgment processes in logistic services as well as superior transparency. We offer the best service to our customers with our expert and experienced staff of 25+ years in the logistic services industry and help them to grow and develop. We guarantee attractive purchasing options and enable to preserve an independent position in the market with the help of our worldwide logistic services network and several business partners. We have acquired a valuable synergy effect by constantly increasing our international logistic services activities and enlarging our worldwide positions. By using such advantage in favor and advantage of our customers, we develop our logistic services and aim to grow together.

Level Logistic, as a professional logistic service provider, provides the best financial and operational solutions in the areas of Air, Road, Maritime, Project, Full, Partial and Intermodal transportations. Our transportation vision is based on delivering our customer’s products in the desired place and time, undamaged and at the cheapest price.

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