When speed is the logistical priority, air cargo is a suitable form of freight. It is the fastest mode of transport and often used for high-value freight that have tight delivery schedules. By working with a large network of air carriers, we can offer express transportation and complete cargo plane renting.

As Level logistic, we are able to offer you a reliable door-to-door service.

Our services determine  fixed transit times at fixed rates on Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Airport, Airport-to-Door as well as on Door-to-Door basis.

Our benefits

  • We are able to offer additional services like handling, storage and customs clearance if requested.
  • Direct flights used where possible
  • All Incoterms and Pick-up / Delivery ranges possible
  • Reliable delivery for every size and weight (aircraft specifications apply)

Whatever your cargo needs, Level Logistic has the right solution tailored to your business requirements.

We offer bespoke time-defined airfreight products for all incoterms, including door-to-door in order to ensure maximum flexibility, regardless of size and weight.

Our specialized, industry sub-sector expertise and tailored approach to our client business will ensure your air cargo travels the safest, efficient and most cost-effective way possible.

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