General Information About Level Group

Level Uluslararasi Lojistik ve Organizasyon A.S. operates as a group company specialized in international transportation, logistics, organization and events. The activities in our main focus are fairs, museums, exhibitions, congresses and event logistics.

In addition to these, Level also plays a flawless role worldwide in defense industry logistics, packaging, airway, highway, seaway transportation and customs services. We provide an independent and strong position management in the market by implementing suitable purchasing options with our worldwide agency network.

We use the synergy which we have created with the increase and growth of the demand for activities such as international fairs, exhibitions, events, for the benefit of our customers. Level Logistics will continue to optimize material supply, supply logistics, your and your supplier’s process by providing innovative solutions while increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.


Quality and Environmental Policy

Level always takes steps in order to meet the increasing quality demands of its customers.

One of the policies of Level is to protect the environment by the careful selection of sub-carriers that perform sensitive transportation conditions.

Level takes regular steps to ensure the development of safety and environmental protection in every sense.



Level works with the latest version of insurance rules.

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